Based on what you have learned in the course readings and assignments to date, r

Based on what you have learned in the course readings and assignments to date, review the National Mitigation Framework that was part of the Unit VI Required Reading (click here to access the document), and discuss in detail the mitigations your organization and community have in place to prevent or mitigate a terrorist attack. If you are not associated with or serving in an organization, then pick a community you are familiar with and make the recommendations for the mitigation actions.
In this assignment, you will first identify your organization and community and address the following items.
Explain how you as an emergency manager can be proactive in preventing terrorist attacks in your community. Identify any gaps in terrorism mitigation that you believe your community should consider funding or accomplishing. Apply the Mitigation Framework guidelines and explain how your community can reduce the risk of a potential terrorist attack.
This scholarly activity should be at least two pages in length (double-space, 12-point. Times New Roman font, one-inch margins) and in APA format including title and reference pages (title and reference pages do not count toward the two-page minimum). There should be a minimum of two references used to support this assignment, at least one should be from the Required Reading National Mitigation Framework for this unit and the other should be a peer-reviewed journal article from the Waldorf Online Library. Ensure you provide in-text citations as well as a reference page using APA format. Please contact the Success Center for assistance with APA formatting and writing tutoring.

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