My Professor instructions below: Please submit a one-paragraph description of y

My Professor instructions below:
Please submit a one-paragraph description of your paper here. State the topic which is ” Spanglish” , how that topic relates to the course, your strategy for writing the paper, and what you think you will learn from it. You cannot design your paper and collect evidence to make your point unless you know what you want to write about. Your paper topic will be submitted approximately one week before the final paper is due. You will receive feedback from me to let you know if you are on the right track.
I will use my professor’s example, Example: Let’s say that your family uses Spanglish and you will write a paper about it. A brief synopsis of
your paper look like this:
• State the point that your paper will make about Spanglish or family communication. (INTRODUCTION)
(Write this part last, if you have to, because you won’t know what your paper is about until you finish
writing it. Once you’ve written the paper and spent time working out your ideas, you can write an
introduction that prepares the reader for what is coming.)
• Identify and describe your family as the language community you will be writing about.
• Describe when, where, and for what purposes your family uses Spanglish. (EVIDENCE FROM LANGUAGE
• Explain what the use of Spanglish means to your family/language community? (ANALYSIS)
• Relate your family’s use of Spanglish to theories we have read about. (EVIDENCE FROM CLASS READINGS)
• Identify ways in which your own observations about your family’s use of Spanglish relate to the theories
you have brought into the discussion. (ANALYSIS)
• Draw insights from the ideas you have presented throughout the paper. What did you discover once you
put all of the evidence together and analyzed it? (CONCLUSION).
Remember this is only a one-paragraph description of my topic which is Spanglish and this is what I’m going to talk about for a future essay which is next week, i will do another submission after my professor approves my one-paragraph description. I will share some materials that we talk about in class for Spanglish. Thank you.

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