Step 1: Innovations in Biology and Technology – Finding Information Sources and

Step 1: Innovations in Biology and Technology – Finding Information Sources and Outline (1%)
Choose one of the provided topics (Human-caused global climate change).
Review Is My Source Credible?
Locate 3 reliable information sources that you may use for this assignment. The purpose of this step is to get the research process started; you are not required to use these information sources in the final version of your assignment.
Write 1-2 sentences for each information source explaining why you believe these sources are reliable using what you learned from the article.
Write references to the 3 information sources in APA format.
Create an outline for the writing assignment. The outline should be in a bullet list format and include the major topics that you plan to include in your assignment, with some supportive detail for each topic. It should not be a draft with full sentences and paragraphs.
Step 2: Innovations in Biology and Technology – Writing Assignment (9%)
Addresses course outcomes 1-4:
recognize and explain how the scientific method is used to solve problems
make observations and discriminate between scientific and pseudoscientific explanations
weigh evidence and make decisions based on strengths and limitations of scientific knowledge and the scientific method
use knowledge of biological principles, the scientific method, and appropriate technologies to ask relevant questions, develop hypotheses, design and conduct experiments, interpret results, and draw conclusions
Write a paper about your chosen topic.
Your paper should consist of a title page, introduction, several paragraphs addressing the questions for your chosen topic, conclusion, and references.
The outline you wrote in step 1 should be your starting point, but you can make edits to the topics and details you include, and the organization of the content. Take advantage of any feedback received.
Your paper should be 750-1500 words, excluding references and the title page.
Use a minimum of three (3) reliable information sources. These may or may not be the same resources that you found in step 1 of this assignment.
The majority of your paper should be written in your own words, your own writing style and structure, fully paraphrasing information from the selected information sources (just changing a few words in a sentence is not enough). Your paper should consist of less than 10% direct quotes. Quotation marks must be used at the start and end of a direct quote, followed by an in-text citation. When paraphrasing, you should also use text citations to acknowledge the source.
A list of references in APA format should be included at the end.
Please visit the UMGC Citing and Writing page for citation, writing, and academic integrity help:
Submit your paper to the Assignment folder by the due date listed in the course schedule.
The originality of your assignment will be checked with Turnitin
If you have any questions or needs, please let me know ASAP. I would like to review the paper before the deadline.

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