Individual Case Analysis Research Paper – 25% Each student will develop a concis

Individual Case Analysis Research Paper – 25%
Each student will develop a concise summary of a PUBLICLY TRADED COMPANY or a MAJOR NON-PROFIT ORGANIZATION, and will provide appropriate analysis of issues related to the strategies of the organization. The paper should be 8 to 10 pages detailing the student’s findings and student’s recommendations to the organization’s top management with the support of at least 10 different sources –four should be empirical peer-reviewed studies about the company, industry and/or main strategic trends. Each student’s paper should include extensive use of financial analysis as well as analytical tools (e.g. Porters Five Forces Model, SWOT Analysis) garnered from his/her experience in previous courses and incorporating Biblical principles into your analysis.
As explained before, this topic is different from the weekly assignments that are based on your personal experience with an organization you closely know. The final report is due at the end of SESSION SEVEN. You will submit an INTERIM REPORT by the end of SESSION FOUR for the Introduction and SWOT Analysis for feedback, before the final submission of these and the remaining sections.
These are the required section for the research report:
SWOT Analysis
Analysis of Competitive Advantage and the Five Forces Model
Financial Highlights
Biblical Integration
The following is a list of possible reference sources:
All of these e-journals can be accessed via Rickman Library’s full-text journal finder. To search by topic, the Business Source Complete database is recommended.
Academy of Management Journal
Academy of Management Perspectives
Human Resource Development Quarterly
Human Resource Management Journal
Human Resource Management Review (to 2001 only)
Industrial Relations: A Journal of Economy & Society
Ivey Business Journal
Journal of Applied Psychology (to 2006 only)
Journal of Change Management
Journal of Labor Economics
Journal of Organizational Behavior
Leadership Quarterly (to 2001 only)
Organization Development Journal
Organizational Dynamics (to 2001 only)
T+D (Professional periodical published by the American Society for Training & Development)

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