[FULL INSTRUCTIONS ATTACHED] An overview of the process for this paper: Step On

An overview of the process for this paper:
Step One: go to http://lantern.mediahist.org/
Step Two: Click on “title” in the box towards the top left and pick a publication.
Step Three: You can browse the publications and find one to review. You can start by searching for a specific actor, actress, studio, film (etc.) to get you started. If you prefer to begin but jumping into the featured publications on the Lantern landing page that will be find as well.
Step Four: Begin your analysis. Here are a few questions to get you started:
*What is the name and date of the publication?
*Describe the cover.
*What are some of the main headlines, why do you think they may have been important/relevant?
*Describe any feature stories from within the magazine.
*Who is the intended audience?
*What films are being reviewed or covered in some way?
*What about the advertisements? What are they advertising and how?
*Conclude with an overview of the publication and what you’ve learned about the time period through this primary source.
Make sure to analyze, for example, what the articles, photos, and advertisements of old film industry publications tell us about movies during another time period. Think about what is represented in the pages and how that representation may impact the reader? How might a reader feel about this issue today versus when it was released?

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