Upper Coast Bank has branches all over the United States. Sophia Baker, the Vic

Coast Bank has branches all over the United States. Sophia Baker, the
Vice President of Residential Lending at the Hartford, Connecticut
branch, hired you as her executive assistant. Sophia wants to create a
simple presentation that will help her explain some of the details about
applying for a mortgage to first-time home buyers. She asks you research all
the details for applying for a mortgage for first-time home buyers and
then create the presentation that the company will be using to present
the information to the customers. Sophia is depending on you to
represent the company well with this presentation.
1. Number of Slides: Minimum of 15 slides and a maximum of 20 slides. Gradated penalty for too less or too many slides. This means that the more slides you are away from the 15-to-20 range, the more points will be deducted. Note: The slide count excludes the title and bibliographical slides.
2. Layout and Design: Slides
must be easy to read and uncluttered (no more than 7 items to a line
and no more than 7 lines to a slide). Keep it simple.
3. Font Size: Use
standard font like Times New Roman or Arial. Use 36-point font for
title, 28-point font for main points, and 24-point font for secondary
4. Footer: Include the slide number, title of your presentation, and your name in the footer (except on Title slide).
5. Background/Theme: Appropriate Foreground-Background Segregation (use dark text against a light background or white or light-colored text against a dark background. This creates contrast.)
1. Title Slide: Include your name, course name, Instructor’s name and title: Mortgage Essentials.
2. Outline and Summary Slides: Slide
# 2 must be your outline slide, this gives a list of the topics you
will cover. The summary slide recaps all the topics you have covered.
3. Contents: Include appropriate contents about applying for a mortgage for first-time home buyers. Use creativity in arranging your contents on your slides.
4. Word Document Outline: Include one document created in MS Word and imported in your presentation.
5. Speaker’s Notes: Add appropriate speaker notes to every
slide (Even slide 1 and the summary slide.) Type the exact words you
would speak as if you were talking to the audience during the actual
presentation (e.g., the title slide speaker’s notes would start off as
“Hello, my name is John Doe. My presentation today is about _______.”).
You are pretending here as if you were presenting in person.
6. List: The presentation must contain at least one bulleted list, one numbered list, and one customized list.
7. Slide Show: The slide show must be set up to use manual timing (on mouse click).
8. Reference Slide: Minimum of TWO professional
/ scholarly sources cited using APA formatting. Sources must be cited
on the slides as well as on the Reference Slide.
NOTE 1: Please
do not use unprofessional sources such as Wikipedia, About.com,
Answers.com, Dictionary.com, How.com, or anything remotely similar.
Examples of scholarly sources include textbooks, articles,
academic journals, and conference proceedings. Scholarly resources are
written by experts in their fields, grounded in research, and often
refereed (reviewed and edited by researchers in the field). Examples of professional sources
include: trade journals or magazines. Professional sources are written
for a specific audience that works in certain field. They are not
research-based. You can also use our course content (e.g. Read &
Watch resources) as a source as well. UMGC has a top-notch, extensive
online library. You can find many scholarly and professional sources
Please submit the following to your Assignments Folder:
1. The completed PowerPoint presentation file.

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