Unit 7 Assignment: In the News In the News Introduction: In a newspaper, magazin

Unit 7 Assignment: In the News
In the News
In a newspaper, magazine or the internet, find information that discusses an “average”. Apply what you are learning about statistics to make a prediction. Begin the process by following these steps:
Include your article as a screenshot, or copy and paste it and include the link to the article.
What are the units of the variable?
Is the average used, the median or mean? How can you tell?
Calculate the five number box plot and draw the box plot.
Calculate the standard deviation.
What is the spread of the data?
Make a probability statement based on the data using the z-score table.
Write an analysis based on what you have learned.
On https://www.basketball-reference.com/players/j/jamesle01/gamelog/2019/ you can find statistics on LeBron James scoring.
The units of the variable are points.
The average is the sum of points divided by the total number of games (if possible use a spreadsheet to help calculate the information). The average this season is 27.6
Min: 13, Q1: 22, Median: 26, Q3:32, Max: 51, IQR: 10
The standard deviation is 8.29 points.
The spread from the lowest to highest is 51-13 = 38 points
Using z-scores, assuming the data is normal (which may not be true), the probability that LeBron James will score more than 43 points in his next game is.
(43-27.6)/8.29 =1.85 The area under the curve above 1.85 is .0322, so there is approximately a 3% chance.

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