Unit 4 Assignment: Math Art Instructions You are tasked with creating a logo for

Unit 4 Assignment: Math Art
You are tasked with creating a logo for a company. The company wants the logo in a mathematical representation so that it can be re-created in a variety of mediums.
Your task is to use a graphing calculator program (Desmos) to create the logo. You want to be creative and use as many mathematical equations as you can. The logo MUST include the following:
The logo must be an original piece of work created in Desmos, demonstrating both creativity and design.
Have at least three parabolas with defined domains and one inequality.
Have at least three circles with defined domains, and one inequality.
Include at least one hyperbola with a defined domain.
Include at least two ellipses with defined domains.
You will write a reflection paragraph describing your process; it should address the image, the conic sections, domain and range, and the experience.
See the code in Desmos
Getting Started
Tip: Take the time to play with Desmos and experiment with how it works before you start work on creating your logo; this will save you time in the long run.
Review creating inequalities in Desmos.
Review the standard equation for all conic sections.
Review the order of operations to ensure your fractions and exponents are in the correct place.
Get Inspired: Desmos Creative Art
See the rubric for expectations.
Video tutorials – how to use Desmos:
Play Video
Create an account at www.desmos.com to save your work.
Experiment with different equations to produce your design.
Make sure your logo design incorporates all the criteria listed in the instructions.
Get the link or download the file with the equations/code.
Write a reflection on the process.
Write a paragraph describing the process. How did you decide on a logo? Where did you start? On paper with a graph. What did you learn about each of the major graphs: lines, parabolas, circles, ellipses, and hyperbolas? What did you learn about domain and range? How did they impact the graph?

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