The introduction should briefly introduce the purpose of the report and the case

The introduction should briefly introduce the purpose of the report and the case organisation you have been allocated (a maximum of 200 words, included in the word count).
In the main body of the report, address the following questions with reference to your allocated case study.
Using the House of Quality, explain how the supply chain of the lead organisation contributes to customer value? From this, identify the two most important operations (‘How’ the business operates); analyse how these operations support the supply chain in creating customer value and competitive advantage?
Using Fisher’s model critically evaluate the supply chain strategy adopted by the case study. Discussions should include but are not limited to:
Variation and Uncertainties
Nature of the products/services offered
Characteristics of the supply chain, e.g. efficiency or responsive
How have the competitive priorities identified link in Question 1, influenced 1 of the following:
global/ local sourcing
the types of buyer-supplier relationships that have developed
adoption of new technologies
logistics choices
What challenges has your case company (or industry)’s supply chain faced in the pandemic and the post Covid? What strategies can be implemented to overcome those challenges to achieve supply chain resilience?
You don’t need to write a summary of the report.
Your report format
Use Verdana 10pt with 1.5 line spacing.
Your report should be in the form of a Word Document. Include Supply chain models and theory to illustrate your answers.
Use a report format, including:
NBS coursework standard cover page
contents (not included in the word count)
a brief introduction (no more than 200 words, included in the word count),
main body
a reference list (not included in the word count)
annotated models, supply chain map and supported tables/diagrams could add to the text or appendix (not including the word count)
RELEVANT supporting evidence can be included in an appendix (not included in the word count).

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