Hello, In this assignment, you must choose and answer one of the following quest

In this assignment, you must choose and answer one of the following questions you feel most comfortable with:
After rereading the directions (above), read the three questions below carefully and then choose only ONE to answer.
Set of Questions (Choose One):
Some people think that language shapes what we think of as possible for ourselves and for the world. Do you agree? Explain.
How does language affect the way we experience the world?
What purpose(s) do spoken and written versions of languages serve? Explain.
In the introduction, lead-in by mentioning the general topic of the essay. Then, in the tie-in, briefly tell the reader what the readings’ authors have to say in response to the above question. Be sure to mention the readings’ titles and authors. Then, provide your answer to the question in the thesis statement, and develop it throughout the body.
Make sure your essay has an introduction, 3 body paragraphs, and a conclusion.
Explore at least three different reasons why you feel the way you do, each in its own body paragraph.
Be sure to quote and/or paraphrase material from both readings as necessary. Use proper technique and MLA citation. Write a conclusion that sums up without repeating word for word from the introduction. Try to leave the reader with a final thought to ponder in the conclusion. Don’t forget to use transitional expressions at the beginnings of body paragraphs and the conclusion.
Finally, make sure that the paper is, at a minimum, two full double-spaced pages, and that you use Times New Roman, font size 12
Please Remember to:
Develop a thesis that takes a clear stance or position.
Organize your thoughts — an outline can help do this.
Use MLA in-text citation to support your claim with quotes or paraphrases from BOTH the Lee and the Boroditsky readings. (You must use at least one cited idea from each reading).
Thank you!

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