Please use attached resources Discussion Board Participation consists of: 1-Pos

Please use attached resources
Discussion Board
Participation consists of:
1-Posting a response to the assigned question in each module question 1) (use most of the word count for question 1)
2-A response to another student consists of an evaluation of the other students’ responses.
(responding to response 1 & 2)
3-Responses that merely indicate an agreement with the other students’ post should be explained. (responding to response 1 & 2)
4-Both postings and responses to postings should be based on information (chapter provided in attachment)
Question 1.
Discuss the overall conflicts between work and family and how specific stressors like sexual harassment or racial discrimination may make things worse at home..
Response 1.
Marlon- Conflict among work and family is bi-directional. Work-to-family conflict happens when encounters and responsibilities at work slow down everyday life, like broad, sporadic, or resolute work hours, work over-burden and different types of occupation stress, relational conflict at work, broad travel, profession changes, or an unsupportive boss or association. For instance, an unforeseen gathering late in the day might keep a parent from getting their kid from school.
Family-to-work conflict happens when encounters and responsibilities in the family slow down work life, like the presence of small kids, essential obligation regarding youngsters, senior consideration obligations, relational conflict inside the nuclear family, or unsupportive relatives. For instance, a parent might have to put a hold on from work to deal with a debilitated kid, or to observe a competition or execution of a youngster. Family-to-work conflict is seen to bring about lower work efficiency of representatives. Inside work-to-family conflict and family-to-work conflict, three subtypes of contention have been recognized: time sensitive, strain-based, and conduct based. Time sensitive conflict involves contending time necessities across work and family jobs, strain-based conflict involves pressures in a single job hindering execution in the subsequent job, and conduct based conflict involves a contrariness of ways of behaving vital for the two jobs.
Response 2.
Nephar- The overall conflict between work and family is overwhelming. A lot of the stress inappropriately crosses over different social environments. We all have heard about once you leave your job or you home, it is to leave those problems at the door. Not to bring your problems and stress as a show and tell. Though not everyone can manage to do that, and that is understandable. However, it gets the best of them and causes a strain in their relationships (coworkers/boss) at work and at home. With that being hard to manage, adding the experience of sexual harassment and or racial discrimination brings a lot of anxiety to go home with. Whether man or woman -whatever role you play in your family household goes out the window when going to work. At home you are treated with respect and may not go through such traumatic physical or verbal abuse, but going to work no one shouldn’t even have to go through it at all- no discussion. If anything it just heightens whatever problems you already are experiencing at home. However, it’s so easy to resolve the situation by reporting to your supervisor or HR, but sometimes that makes the situation worse and may cost your job, if possible. Then there’s another solution by just quitting, but then you risk a good paying job that took a while to get where you are to support your family. Keep in mind that it can also financially hurt your family, so you’re just stuck to having to put up with it.

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