For this paper you will choose your own research topic. Your Final Research Essa

For this paper you will choose your own research topic. Your Final Research Essay should be argumentative, analytical, critical, and evaluative. Make sure to have a clear and consistent focus that will allow your readers to gain a rich understanding of what you are trying to say. Use your thesis statement as a guide to write your paper, and make sure that all your paragraphs stay “on topic” with your thesis.
To access peer-reviewed journals you’ll need to use email: Password will be sent once the essay is accepted.
A successful essay will:
“Hook” the intended audience with an interesting introduction.
Include a clear thesis statement as the last sentence of the introduction.
Be clear and consistent with purpose, audience, genre, and tone.
Use vivid vocabulary that is appropriate, professional, and used correctly.
Use correct grammar, punctuation, spelling, capitalization, etc.
Develop an unambiguous conclusion that reinforces your thesis.
Give relevant details that help develop the claim.
Carefully avoid repetition and wordiness.
Minimum requirements:
Minimum of 1200 words (use Microsoft Word’s word count tool to check this). You cannot pass unless you meet the minimum word count.
Word count is from first word of intro through last word of conclusion
Title, header, and Works Cited page do not count toward word count
Conform to MLA format in all particulars, including but not limited to:
12 pt. Times New Roman font
1” margins on all sides
Original title
Last name and page number in header (upper right-hand corner in margin)
Full MLA heading (upper left-hand corner, below margin; four lines)
Save document as Word .doc or Word .docx.
Minimum of five sources:
At least two peer-reviewed articles are required.
General encyclopedias or dictionaries do not count as one of the five required print sources. This includes print and electronic editions of works like World Book, Wikipedia, Webster’s, and Encarta.
A specialized encyclopedia, such as the Encyclopedia of Poetry and Poetics, does count as one of the five required sources.
Two of your sources MUST be journal articles from the Dallas College online academic library databases.
All Internet sources MUST be credible, expert, authoritative, reliable, academic sources. Do not use sites such as, WebMD, eHow,,, etc. Avoid Google altogether (unless it’s Google Scholar).
Do not cite Wikipedia, quote list websites, SparkNotes, Instagram, Tumblr, Pinterest etc. Do not paraphrase Wikipedia. It will incredibly obvious if you attempt to do this and a major points deduction will be made.
Do not rely on for your citations. You may use this website to assist you with citations. However, this resource will never be an acceptable excuse in this course for format mistakes with your in-text citations and/or MLA Format Works Cited page.
Utilize all of your on-campus resources. Ask a Dallas College librarian for help with this assignment (for finding sources and/or and evaluating sources that you have found).
To Access the Dallas College online library databases go to:
Select “Academic Search Complete” under the Research Tools tab.
Then type your topic key word into the search query box.
Remember: it is important to filter your results by date, full-text and peer reviewed.
Embed all direct quotations (this means that all quotes need lead-ins). You cannot make higher than a C on the paper if you do not embed your quotes.
No first person, especially “us,” “we,” and “our.” If you think the singular first person (“I,” “me,” “my”) must be used in a particular paragraph, email me in advance. I’ll either help you edit it into third person or give you special permission.
No second person (you, your, yours, yourself, yourselves). This is never appropriate in a formal essay. Automatic 50. A person can use third person-pronouns in his or her paper instead.
No contractions (can’t, isn’t, let’s, wasn’t, won’t, it’s). That’s too informal for a formal essay.
NO colons or semi-colons.
No plagiarism. Automatic 0.
Include a Works Cited page for sources (in proper MLA format).
Include evidence/support in each body paragraph. (Two citations per paragraph from one of your two required sources—minimum to pass.)
Reminder: You must cite page numbers for journal articles even if accessed online (because page numbers are provided in the digital pages you access online).
If it is clear that you used Wikipedia as your main source you will receive an automatic 35 point deduction. There is absolutely no excuse for this. You will have more than enough time to do research before this paper is due.
Essays should answer questions, not ask them. Avoid them altogether. You are allowed at most one question per essay—only in the introduction, and only if you answer it immediately in the following sentence. Questions are not permitted in body paragraphs. It is best not to use any at all.
All body paragraphs must have a clear topic sentence as the first sentence of the paragraph. This means that a body paragraph must never begin with a statement of fact, a question, or a quote.
Use the above minimum requirements as a checklist before submitting your paper. You will be disappointed with your grade if you overlook any. Rather than viewing these requirements as a burden, consider them a tool to defend yourself from a failing grade. It is impossible to fail this assignment if you meet all the minimum requirements.This instruction sheet is your friend. Please pay attention to it.
Things I’m looking for while grading:
Purpose: Your essay provides a clearly defined purpose.
Introduction: Your introduction captures the attention of your readers and your main points (thesis statement) are clearly articulated.
Scope: Key ideas are focused throughout the paper and descriptive examples of ideas are included.
Depth: Complete and relevant development of ideas supported by specific evidence from your sources.
Focus: Organized around a focus stated in a thesis statement. Your paper is written in a logical order.
Relationship: The relationship of ideas is clear; transitional sentences are used to guide the reader.
Structure: All paragraphs support your main idea; paragraphs are structured around controlling ideas.
Outside sources must be cited using MLA style in-text citations AND listed on a works cited page, as the last page of the paper. All quotes must be embedded. All information gleaned from an outside source must be attributed to that source with an MLA citation.
Your paper reflects careful proofreading (checking for errors).
Your paper employs the correct verb tense throughout.
Your paper should not have any spelling or capitalization errors
Your paper should not have any punctuation mistakes

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