How has your professional, volunteer and academic experience prepared you for gr

How has your professional, volunteer and academic experience prepared you for graduate social work education and contributed to your decision to be a professional social worker? Provide specific examples from your professional, volunteer or academic experience to explain your answer. Make sure to describe your role and the organizational, community and social context for your experience.
What particular aspects or special fields of social work interest you most?
What contributions will you make to the school community and to your fellow students?
How do you plan to manage the rigorous demands of graduate course work and field education?
Personal details
My college career started in 2016 at the university of bridgeport, I had a stalker and had no choice but to leave the institution I also felt I was not truly getting the college experience
My time at Binghamton started off rocky , I was physically assaulted by a former friend, He began to stalk me and the university didn’t do much to help. I started battling with depression and anxiety. My grades suffered tremendously because the college took me out of all classes I shared with that individual but did not place me in new classe.
My home Burned down and my family and I became homeless in 2018
At the end of 2018 I decided not to return to binghamton University
My goal was to spend a year a the college of westchester and them transfer to Monroe College to complete my education
When I got to Monroe My grades suffered during covid, I was mentally suffering but didnt know where to go without being judged.
I ended my semester with a 2.8 gpa which wasn’t perfect but better. It wasn’t enough to bring my gpa back up but I was just happy I didn’t fail anything.
A year later I am in a better place . I am currently in therapy dealing with all of the traumatic experiences that I faced in college. I grew up very sheltered so everything affected me badly. I am not in a place where I not only want to continue my education but I am able to made the commitment to myself and the institution. I would like the opportunity to prove myself.
I want to get my masters in social work to be a resource for others. My past has taught me to envision the future and my future consist of being a helping tool for others

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