Part 1 – Initial post: Read these instructions carefully, as there are several p

Part 1 – Initial post:
Read these instructions carefully, as there are several parts required for full credit. Your Initial post is due on day 3. Feel free to get creative with your post. Your post does not have to be typed but should follow these general guidelines: typed post roughly 150 – 200 words OR video review roughly 2 minutes with images and description OR creative infographic that addresses the objective, etc. If you have any ideas other than these, feel free to reach out to your course professor to ensure it will work for this discussion. For your initial post:
Review global news and find an article that discusses a relationship between a single, specific microorganism/virus and the health of another animal (which may include humans! – this may include positive or negative impacts)
Review posts already made by your peers. Repeat topics will not count, so make sure that you do not choose a topic your peers have discussed already. ** You may Post the first 2 steps (One sentence description of the issue and APA citation) to claim so that someone else does not post a similar topic while you are preparing your post. You can then go to your original post, edit it, and add the remaining parts of your post.
Your final discussion post should be numbered or bulleted and include each of these sections in order:
One sentence description of the relationship between the microorganisms/virus and the animal.
APA citation of the article your read
Description of the organism or virus discussed in the article
Summary of the relationship, the organisms that are affected, and the impact of the microorganism/virus
If possible, provide steps taken to mitigate or improve the relationship

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