Guideline: A book report is not a summary or a description of the book. The purp

A book report is not a summary or a description of the book. The purpose of the book report is to present your critical evaluation of the book. Overall, the assignment is designed to test your analytical and critical skills. Generally, a book report has many components
The Report includes 5 elaborated parts:
An introductory paragraph that presents the most important argument or thesis of the Book.
Who is the author? You need some bibliographical information about the author [education, experiences and skills]; Is the author an Academic? Which writer (s) influence the author? What fellowships did the author receive? What other publications have the author made? Give a quote from the book that support parts of your assessment.
What type of research scientific method was used to collect data; the theme of the book, the characters, the setting and the plot. Pay attention to the book’s narrative voice.
Your content analysis is to discuss the most important points in each chapter as well as the most important idea of the entire book. Are these points presented in sync with the main argument of the book? Does the narrative in each of the chapters contribute (or detract) from the main argument of the book.
A.conclusion which is a final paragraph that assess the Book’s Strength and Weakness. Your analysis must also reflect your ability to connect the book with the discussions that we have in class about sociology and a sociological perspective

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