Elaborate on your posting for the module’s Getting Started activity. After each

Elaborate on your posting for the module’s Getting Started activity. After each research question, explain how each data collection strategy will provide the data you need. Next, make a chart and list ways you will collect various forms of data such as artifacts, observational data, and inquiry data. Use Table 5.1 as an example.
Primary: What is the current level of teacher attrition in society?
Secondary: What impact do the working conditions in schools have on their ability to recruit and retain teachers?
The desired outcome of the study is to determine the teacher attrition level and the possible causes and remedies to the problem. The study results will guide the development of relevant interventions and further research to mitigate teacher attrition by understanding why teacher attrition is still an issue of concern in modern civilized society.
I will be using databases such as ebsco to best answer my primary question. I will be using quantitative methods, such as surveys as well to answer the question “How much?” But this may leave the question “Why?” unanswered. Which brings in my secondary question. To find out the “why?”, I will be using the qualitative data collection method which looks at several factors to provide a depth of understanding to raw data. While qualitative methods involve the collection, analysis, and management of data, instead of counting responses or recording numeric data, this method aims to assess factors like the thoughts and feelings of research participants.
*Collecting data through teacher surveys and discussions*

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