I have attached the rubric and the power point, choose whatever model is easiest

I have attached the rubric and the power point, choose whatever model is easiest. If is goes over 5 pages it does not matter as long as all the concepts are addressd.
Goal of paper: Consistent with the module objectives, the purpose of this assignment is to compare and contrast two family theories that may be adopted for use in clinical practice by the advanced practice nurse.
Choose one of the theories discussed in the text or modules (such as Calgary Family Health model, systems theory etc), and another theory/model not previously discussed (additional family theory models can be found in the literature – look for family theories such as stress and coping, or the chronic illness model or the many other models/theories that can be found in the literature).
Describe both theories/models and explain WHY you chose each of these theories/models.
Compare and contrast each of the theories/models, indicating the strengths and weaknesses of the theory/model.
Develop a fictional family case study and apply ONE of the theories/models to the case. What concepts in the model are applicable to the fictional family case study? What concepts do not “fit” the case? Remember this is an application of a THEORY or MODEL to a family – it is NOT interventions or strategies for dealing with a family.
Discuss the challenges and strategies of integrating a theory into your nurse practioner clinical practice. Discuss the likelihood of adoption of the use of your favorite family theory/model into your nurse practioner daily clinical practice.
3 peer-reviewed articles from professional nursing or medical journals should be used to support your case presentation. Professional journals include nurse practitioner journals or medical journals, preferably published in the US.

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