Curriculum and instruction are the centerpieces of all effective learning/traini

Curriculum and instruction are the centerpieces of all effective learning/training that takes place, and they involve collaborative effort. Designing and implementing a curriculum and instruction plan is not the work of one person or department. Research has shown that professional learning communities (PLCs) are one of the most effective methods for realizing continuous growth and student learning. Although traditionally considered a collaborative form of professional development, the use of PLCs has expanded to offer benefit for many uses.
Thessin, R. A., & Starr, J. P. (2011). Supporting the growth of effective professional learning communities. Phi Delta Kappan, 92(6), 48–54.
This article reveals the steps and outcomes of a public school’s introduction of PLCs to their district. Along with the outcomes, the authors share the format of an effective PLC that would be of benefit to anyone wishing to utilize this technique.
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The purpose of a PLC is for “educators to work collaboratively in recurring cycles of collective inquiry and action research to achieve better results for the students (population) that they serve” (para. 4). “In order to achieve this purpose, the members of a PLC create and are guided by a clear and compelling vision of what the organization must become in order to help all students learn” (para. 5).
Linder, R. A., Post, G., & Calabrese, K. (2012). Professional learning communities: Practices for successful implementation. Delta Kappa Gamma Bulletin, 78(3), 13–22.
This article shares results of a research study focused on the factors that influence the implementation of a PLC.
What are the characteristics of collaboration in a school? Explain how and why (or why not) PLCs are important in the curriculum development process. Using your readings, discuss how a leader can be effective and what characteristics of good leadership will empower your stakeholders and leaders to stay on board with the curriculum development. Address use of PLCs.

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