Dear Writer I would like your help to write a case study of “Case Study of Water

Dear Writer
I would like your help to write a case study of “Case Study
of Waterways Corporation” , as part of the Managerial Accounting course. And below
the questions/requirements you must cover: (Answer all tasks in your own words. Do
not copy any text from the notes, readings, or other sources. The response must
be your own work only.):
Students are required to carefully read the case “Case Study
of Waterways Corporation” that is posted on the LMS. You will need to use the
given amounts and follow the instructions to properly addressing the case
requirements. The case study is clustered into two main parts, while each one
of them includes several requirements:
Q1. Analyze the cost-volume-profit and critically develop
your judgment and evaluations to help Waterways determine the contribution
margins of its products and decide whether to mass- produce any of them. CLO 2
– 25 Marks
(Note: Based on the information from Part A of the case
Q2. Develop budgets and profit planning for Waterways
Corporation using the case data and interpret your prepared budget. CLO 3 – 15
(Note: Based on the information from Part B of the case
As a GUIDE ONLY, this section outlines some of the aspects
you may consider significant given the brief shown above. Your report should include:
a) Table of content. (Use the option available in MS Word to
create a Table of Content)
b) Provide a brief description about the case (
c) Answer to question (1)
d) Answer to question (2)
e) Conclusion
f) Reference
You can divided Question 1 and 2 into subtitles if needed
Very Important: I attached for you the case study file
name “Case Study of Waterways Corporation.docx” and I attached for you the calculation
of budget and other file name “Assignment Calculation.xlsx”

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