Attend a religious service or faith community gathering different from what you

Attend a religious service or faith community gathering different from what you have experienced in your family of origin or as an adult. This should be a regular, important part of their spiritual practice or ritual, not a meeting or social gathering. For example, a Catholic mass would be appropriate but a Catholic campus group meeting or activity would not be. If you are unsure, consult with someone from that community.
You will be expected to interact with a member of the group and discuss the service, to seek out clarification regarding your observations, e.g., the purpose of a particular ritual or portion of the service. Use APA. (3-4 pages total.)
Your reflection paper should contain the following information:
· Place visited (including address); religion or faith (yours and place visited); description of members, e.g., race/ethnicity, ages; and relevant specifics regarding the person you spoke with, including your approach to find this person.
· Your perspective and feelings about the activities you observed. Focus on your emotional reactions and the important questions the experience raised for you.
· Similarities and differences observed relative to your experiences in and expectations of a place of worship.
· Your thoughts and feelings about the role of community the church you visited plays for its members with specific examples.
· Is this group is part of dominant or non-dominant religious or spiritual beliefs in the community, region and world? How does this position impact the group? Include at least two high quality references, such as scholarly articles, national newspapers, or reports from advocacy organizations.

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