(8 pages) without the title and references ( so a total of 10) Using only these

(8 pages) without the title and references ( so a total of 10)
Using only these resources: ( I uploaded them down)
– PICOT question used to guide literature search in PICOT(S) format:
P: Ramadan Fasting and Muslims Diabetic Patients
I: Fasting with diabetic management/changes
C: NO Fasting
O: diabetic management, Effects of Fasting, the ability to continue to fast.
T: Fasting during the day for one month
Data bases used to search for research articles, as well as any search terms, keywords, filters, MeSH Headings used in your search:
– I used GALE ONEFILE / Nursing and Allied health (Data bases)
– Dairy and diabetes (search term) and after that, I was looking to the “explore” “more like this” at the end of the website page of the first article
– Peer-reviewed journals, Date 2016 – 2022 (filters)
– Academic Journals
_CLEARLY state the purpose of your review
_ Provide a brief background of the topic (e.g. include relevant definitions, descriptions and statistics related to your chosen topic)
_ PICOT(S) question used to guide the literature search for the paper
_ Identify the data bases used for the search, the dates of publications included in the search, and search terms and filters used
Data-based literature review:
For each study Identify :
_ Study purpose
_ Sampling technique, sample characteristics, sample size
– Method/design, data collection instruments, data analysis methods
_ Results/findings (if quantitative research indicates if results were statistically significant or not)
_ Critique of the study strengths
_ Critique of study Weaknesses
_ Identify the level of evidence for each study.
The content from the sources should be paraphrased or summarized in your own words and cited using APA format. Failure to utilize an appropriate research articles as required above will result in loss of 10 points for each inappropriate article used in the review.
****If a systematic review article is used please refer to Chapter Nine and pp. 284 and 347-348 in the text book for guidance in appraising this type of article.
Summary/Synopsis of Reviewed Studies;
_ Brief summary of what was discovered in the review of the literature. What is known about this topic?
_ Brief summary of what is NOT known, including areas for future research
_ Implications for nursing practice
_ Use of APA Required. Correct use of APA is worth a total of 10 points.
Please refer to the APA manual for correct formatting, citations, references, and writing style.

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