aslong as it has 6 citations The following sequence will help you develop and de

aslong as it has 6 citations
The following sequence will help you develop and deliver a successful topic:
Prepare (Day One–today)
Read and watch videos. Start this immediately and choose a subject or topic right away, like today!
Choose a topic on which you have some expertise or knowledge and one that your audience may have an interest in learning. Make sure it is something you care about.
Write an outline with a title and information that you want your audience to learn. Be certain to tell them why you care about your topic and how it will benefit them. You will submit your outline when you deliver your speech.
Assemble at at least five sources and items or objects that you may need to deliver your speech. Your outline is to include an annotated bibliography of your source materials in an MLA Formatting Guide (Links to an external site.)
The sooner you have your topic, steps and materials, the sooner you can begin practicing.
Convince us or move us to action in this speech.
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As you have learned (I hope) from the history lecture, the documentaries, and your everyday day life, that the Chicana/Chicano community has sacrificed and put in work so that we can continue to progress, but have we?
Remember, you are looking at Chicano/Chicana history as a whole and not as a singular specific event(s). To understand its history, you will look at the community’s past, present, and future. You are attempting to gather from your sources if it has been adequately documented, analyzed in its entirety, colonized as time has passed, and fairly assessed.
Answer the following 3-part question:
When you look at the overall of who and what the Chicana/Chicano community is today, did we indeed win? Please explain your answer, and be sure to justify it.
Did we change the world? Looking at how we are seen and represented, did we truly change our world and the world overall. Please explain your answer, and be sure to justify it.
Was it worth it? Was it all worth it after the killings, protests, and Lucha, or was it for nothing? Please explain your answer, and be sure to justify it.
You must answer all questions listed.
The following is the required format:
You must write in the 1st person, not the 3rd person.
Make sure to check your plagiarism report; if your plagiarism report is accurate and considerable, then you stand to receive “0” points for the assignment and be reported.
You must use APA format with a cover page, abstract, and conclusion. (Help with APA Format (Links to an external site.))
Your font should be 12 point font in either Arial, Calibri, Century Gothic, Sans (any), Tiresias, Trebuchet MS, or Verdana.
You should have your Line spacing at 2.0.
Delete the “running head” label and replace it with your name or essay title.
You must provide 4-pages minimum, which means four total pages top to bottom.
The cover page, abstract, and work cited page do not count as part of the 4-pages.
If less than 4-pages, the assignment will be given “0” points.
If missing the cover page, abstract or work cited page (if required), the assignment will be penalized considerably.
The assignment will be penalized considerably points if you do not follow the required format.
In place of writing a 4-page paper, you have the option of creating a minimum 20-minute video to a full 30-minute video with direct citing (if required) in place of the essay.
As you present an outside source or quote, mention where that information was obtained.
If your video is mainly “fluff,” nonsensical, irrelevant information, gibberish, or anything to that effect, you will receive “0” points for the assignment.
You must introduce yourself as you would on a cover page, clearly state your abstract, clearly state your introduction, clearly present your argument, and clearly state your conclusion.
You must use external research (outside the class) and justify your provided answer.
This information must not be limited to lectures or readings.
To justify your position, expand your research.
You may use two sources maximum from what you were provided as class material.
You must use a minimum of five outside sources, including the two you may use from the class material as part of the five.
Ensure that I can see the submission or have access to your submission.
If I cannot see or access it, I cannot grade it, and you will receive “0” points.
Do not overly quote, or the students’ paper will be graded down for lack of original content. By overly quoting, the professor means no more than a few sentences per quote, and the paper should be 75% of the original students’ work and no more than 25% cited work.

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