End of Semester Project CIS 211 Final Project The point of this project is to ex

End of Semester Project
CIS 211 Final Project
The point of this project is to expose you and your classmates to current events and research in the Computer and Technology related fields.
Each student will be required to find a primary article about something closely or loosly related to a topic we covered in this class this semester. A partial list of topics will be listed below.
After you find your article I want you to find
A) a second source about the specific topic
B) an additional source of background on the topic
You will then be required to write a one page paper outlining:
A) Details about the article
B) Your personal take and why you found it interesting
C) How it has to do with the class
D) How you see this impacting peoples lives
Every student will also be required to put together 8-12 slides using powerpoint, or something like it and make a 5 minute presentation.
Presentations should be posted to the discussion board located here on blackboard with the one page paper.
All Students are required to watch and leave a comment on AT LEAST three of their classmates articles (of course you are welcome to check them all out)
Grading will be: 33% writeup, 33% presentation, 33% comments on classmates presentations
E Commerce
Enterprise Systems
Decision support Systems
Software development

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