Your Job: In 5-8 pages (for the final draft) write an essay to the below prompt

Your Job: In 5-8 pages (for the final draft) write an essay to the below prompt
1. Identify and present one problem, either social, cultural, political, scientific/environmental, etc. that is ongoing in our society (last 5 years to the present). What should be done to solve this problem in your opinion? Evaluate the arguments being made by others that surround this issue, and give your own opinion as to what solutions you would like to see implemented and why.
Your paper must argue a specific side or point. I DO NOT want an objective report. The issue you choose must in some way be considered controversial, and it must be approved by me. The only topics that you cannot write about are the ones we covered specifically already, like automation.
You must have at least 5 sources minimum (you can have more if you like). These 5 sources do not include statistics or definitions that you just look up on google (those are separate, unless they are part of a larger article). In total, the sources are worth 30 points of your overall grade (6 points each). No materials we have used in class can count as one of your sources.
Your sources must come from reputable and reliable publications, and you must find at least TWO (2) sources from the Pierce library database. These are databases, such as Academic Search Complete, Opposing Viewpoints, JSTOR, etc. The ONE SEARCH function on the library website is a great place to begin:
I will not accept websites like Wikipedia,,, etc. as a source. Also, I highly recommend that you DO NOTuse Google. I will be providing a list of reliable publications outside of the library in which you can search directly. You are allowed to use your own websites you find online as well, but make sure they are reliable. Specifically stay away from websites that seek to sell you a product.
You must use direct quotes and/or paraphrases from your sources to prove your arguments, citing these sources using MLA format. CITE EVERYTHING. If you are not sure whether or not to cite a source, then just CITE IT. It will cost you points if you fail to cite properly in this paper. See below bullet point.
You will need to include a works cited page (worth 10 points), as well as cite your source correctly according to MLA style within your essay (10 points). For every citation or formatting error I will deduct 1 point (max. 10).
As always, your essay must be organized, beginning with an intro and thesis statement that sets up and leads directly to your points, and ultimately your conclusion. We are using the same structure that we have used for this entire course.
As always, your final draft must be edited for clarity, as well as errors in grammar, spelling, and formatting.

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