You must use the APA (American Psychological Association) style to write this pa

You must use the APA (American Psychological Association) style to write this paper. This reference is particularly important for quotations and your list of sources. Absolutely no plagiarism will be tolerated in this class. I will provide a link for an APA guide in the critical thought paper module.
Your critical thought papers must have a cover page indicating the course, instructor, your name, date, and topic. Also, a separate References is required.
Each paper should consist of five or more double-spaced fully written pages with one-inch margins (in #12 font size). Cover pages, abstracts (optional), and reference pages do NOT count toward the total number of pages in this assignment.
Though I am more concerned with how well you cover the subject, I will pay attention to grammar, spelling, punctuation etc.
In this critical thought paper, you must make an argument about either a policy issue position OR a court case (the list of approved policy issues and court cases is located at the bottom of these guidelines). If you are writing about a court case, you should identify and explain the decision of the court, and then provide your own argument about the outcome or impact of the case. Avoid summarizing the case at length, you are not writing a book report but evaluating the court’s decision (and the impact of that decision). Since this assignment is short, be concise in your analysis (it is advisable to take only one position in a paper of this length). Do not use long quotes unless you extend your paper (they will be counted against your length requirement).
Do preliminary research to ensure that you can find sufficient sources to support your paper (you should have at least five collegiate level sources and five in-text citations to support and develop your argument).

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