Write a 4-5 page (approximately 1500 words) paper about one of the following top

Write a 4-5 page (approximately 1500 words) paper about one of the following topics:
Pick one or a group of major Iranian musician(s) and research their history, and musical language/development.
Pick a musical instrument from Iran and research the history, music, and development of the instrument.
Research and present the effect of the 1979 Iranian Revolution on Persian/Iranian Music.
A study of Shiraz Arts Festival
Research and present the role of women in music of Iran in the 20th century.
Research and analyze a major work (CD length) of Persian/Iranian Music (E.g. The Abu-ata Concert by Shajarian and Lotfi (1981) , Hessar (1977) by Alizadeh, Bidad (1985) by Shajarian and Meshkatian, Voice of Endearment (mid 80s) by Shahram Nazeri and Shams Ensemble), Tale of Love I and/or II (1998) by Parisa and Omoumi,
A Historical and/or comparative study of improvisation in Persian Music
A comparative study of urban traditional music vs. regional music of Iran
A comparative study of the three 20th century aesthetic eras (1900-30s, 1930s to 1970, post 1979 revolution) in Iranian urban traditional/classical music

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