USE THIS BOOK Argument FOURTH EDITION by Kirszner and Mandell, 2020. Publisher:

Argument FOURTH EDITION by Kirszner and Mandell,
2020. Publisher: Bedford St. Martins.
Length: 9 short paragraphs
1. Read the “At
Issue” box on page 61.
2. View the attached PowerPoint
presentation on Understanding Your Personal Context: Understanding
Your Personal Context.pptx
3. For each of the 8 context dimensions, write a
short paragraph of 3-5 sentences explaining your personal context.
4. For each dimension, rate whether it’s very
important, important, or not important.
5. In paragraph 9 answer the question: Where do you
stand in regards to recycling? That is, how far are you willing to go to make
sure you do not create long-lasting waste? Do you generally believe in
beneficial environmental effects of recycling? Do you follow waste sorting
guidelines only when you have to or do you go an extra mile? Do you try to
limit your purchase of items that require recycling or are hard to recycle,
e.g. plastic bags, disposable containers, plastic straws, etc? Explain how your
personal context affects your thoughts on this issue.
Anna writes: Dimension 3 – Culture
(important) “I have never thought much about my culture, but when I
think about it, I realize it has been a huge influence. My culture values
education, so there was never a question of whether I was going to college – I think
my family would have disowned me if ever suggested otherwise! Also, nobody ever
stepped through our doors without being offered food – lots of it. If my
mom needed to grill a dozen burgers, she bought enough ground beef for two
dozen, just in case. Also, in my culture, if someone needs help, you don’t ask
if the person needs help; you just try to help without being asked. This
exercise has made me realize that part of my sense of good manners and right
and wrong is a result of how I grew up.”

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