Topic Resource Analysis -This assignment charges you with analyzing a group of w

Topic Resource Analysis -This assignment charges you with analyzing a group of websites on a single subject. Remember, you are
looking into the theses, arguments, supporting evidence, and effectiveness of the sites, not simply
describing and summarizing those sites. Effectively, this assignment is an annotated bibliography or a
bibliographic essay (either format will work). If you choose to use the annotated bibliography format,
make certain to include a significant introduction and conclusion.
Select one of the following folders from the Rabbit Hole and read through, or watch, a minimum
of five of the sites listed. (a. Shoah
b. Cold War International I and II
c. Feminism
e. Science and Medicine). Now that you have a good grasp of the subject, discuss each of the selected sites. As mentioned
above, you can integrate your analyses into an essay, or break them apart into an annotated
bibliography.( f. Typically, in a bibliographic essay or annotated bibliography, you would include a formal
citation for each site.) Simply make certain
to identify the site you are analyzing by its Rabbit Hole title (for example, American
Experience – Silent Spring).
g. Each analysis should include commentary about the general nature of the site, its thesis
(what is the author or authors arguing), what type of evidence the author(s) use to
support the argument, to whom the author(s) argue, and something about the
effectiveness of the site.
h. Make a value judgment. Did the author(s) accomplish anything with this site? What
would you do differently? Would you recommend this to another student researching
Essay – Civil Rights and History
The above link will take you to Peter Stearns’ argument for studying history. Please read this
short document first.
“The Foot Soldier of Birmingham” – Revisionist History by Malcom Gladwell
“The Foot Soldier of Birmingham” – Revisionist History by Malcom Gladwell (with transcript)
Next, use the above links to access Malcolm Gladwell’s Revisionist History podcast site.
Once you are done reading and listening, log off the site and write an essay about the
material without summarizing.
Please address the following topics and answer the following questions. You need not write
these in any particular order; however, each must be included in your submission.
1. How did the Stearns document and podcast affect your concept of history and how it is
2. How did this podcast challenge or affirm your ideas concerning “race” in the United
3. Based upon the podcast, how do you think Walter Gadsden’s particular worldview was
created and nurtured. Can you compare this to anything else ?
4. Who had a greater impact on history, Bill Hudson or Ronald McDowell? Why?
5. Finally, please offer a general reflection on this podcast and discuss anything you found

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