This semester, you will write three related, ARGUMENTATIVE papers about a topic

This semester, you will write three related, ARGUMENTATIVE papers about a topic inspired by Pollan’s chapters we’ve read. You shouldn’t try to recreate his argument; instead, you are writing about an idea he mentions or a topic related to his work. Begin brainstorming such an idea.
Your topic should span two shorter papers and a final which combines your first two essays.
Generally, students will find themselves in one of two groups. 1) You may choose to write two shorter essays on different, but related, ideas. For the final, you will revise your thesis so it is comprehensive and combines both. 2) Another option is to write both essays with the same essential argument. In that case, you would combine everything into your final.
In either case, you will write three independent, stand-alone essays with their own introductions, bodies, and conclusions. (No, you needn’t strictly follow a five paragraph essay format drilled into your mind during high school.) Along the way, you will revise your work and make it stronger in order to avoid copying for the final. While you are allowed to use the same material, you’ll find you need revision to make everything work.
You MUST include Pollan in each paper. (You are also encouraged to read chapters not assigned for class readings.) The rest of your sources should be a well-diversified group of materials. That includes journals, full-length researched books, reference materials, quality Web sites, etc.
PAPERS MUST BE NEW, ORIGINAL WORK. If you have a paper you’ve used in the past – even one that is closely related – you need to pick a new topic! All students should be starting at the same point (and, yes, it is technically possible to plagiarize yourself when using older work).
– You have already written the first essay and now this week we are writing the second paper out of 3 and I have added an sample paper from the professor for a little help. There are paper checklist that you have to follow which is also been added. There are some lists of topics you have to avoid. I have also added the first essay and the sample one as well for you to look. 137793-137793-influencers-of-food-choices-final-docx.docx is the one you wrote earlier for the first paper.
Topics to Avoid
Do not write about the following topics:
Fast food
Animal testing
Diet and exercise
Animals in captivity
Energy drinks
Smoking or vaping
Agricultural diversity (as argued in our sample paper)
The following topics are, in general, too vague. If you have more specific environmental concerns, we can discuss more focused papers about environmental issues:
Climate change
Genetically Modified Organisms (GMOs)
*Your paper must be directly connected to Pollan. If your connection is not obvious, missing, or weak, I will not accept your paper.

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