This projett has different part, I did the Windshield Survey and I’ll be attache

This projett has different part, I did the Windshield Survey and I’ll be attached here.
With that survey you need to do the reflection and then with the survey and reflection done you can do the analysis sheet using also the links in the doc of the instructions also attached.
Reflection journal
write a 1-2 page typed word document Reflection journal; reflecting on what you observed, what you did, impressions, perhaps who you talked to. This is really your observation which explains what you did for the activity; what you learned (perhaps you went to a local grocery store and looked at the price of food items or went to a restaurant and can detail what type of food options and prices were on the menu or foods available in the area.
Secondary Data Analysis Sheet
Secondary Data Analysis Sheet: Now that you have done your Community Windshield Survey and your participant observation it is important to take the time to collect demographic, health and vital statistics about your community as outlined in the Secondary Data Analysis Sheet and the Grading Rubric. It is essential that these numbers and statistics are provided with context because simply providing numbers does nothing for interpretating what they mean without context. Your job will be to gather the required objective data about your community/city and compare this data with Miami Dade County, the state of Florida, other counties and the US and even HP2030 (without a comparison the numbers provided here mean nothing so you MUST SHOW COMPARISON). You will collect as much of this data as you can for in this document which is uploaded to BB and what you include in your poster will be used to support your community health problems/needs and strengths of the community.

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