The project is about Energy drinks the part I want you to do in this is the und

The project is about Energy drinks
the part I want you to do in this is the underlined part in this. the other parts I will do them myself
use as many references as you want
The Project
Define a product/service to advertise (e.g. Supermarket) that should be communicated differently in two of the cultures of the students. It doesn’t need to be a known brand, you could just define a product
Create two TV spots: 5’’-15’’: video or storyboard (pictures associated with sentences), please don’t use existing TV spots, according to the different cultures that you are analyzing. To differentiate the communication (verbal and non-verbal) between both spots, please make use of specific cultural differences, identify and explain them using the knowledge you acquired of Hofstede’s dimensions, verbal and non-verbal communication, Context (Eastern/Western), Direct/Indirect communication, Time&Space, Religion, Neuroscience, Cultural Orientation, etc.
You should include: macro analysis of both countries, micro analysis of the business sector (evolution, competitors, main characteristics, variables valued by consumers), goal of the company for the product/brand you are advertising, slogan of the product, differences between both spots in this international communication, introduction, conclusion, references.
Negotiation – Prepare your pre-negotiation plan to sell your ideas for the international communication / TV Spot to the company (considering that you work for the advertising agency). Prepare your concessions, alternatives and explain the reasons.

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