The introductory page for this assignment is the Teddy Roosevelt Assignment page

The introductory page for this assignment is the Teddy Roosevelt Assignment page and the historical primary source documents are the two Teddy Roosevelt Speeches.

For this assignment you will select ONE speech to focus on and to historically analyze. Your essay will be a three paragraph essay and for your first, introductory, paragraph you will introduce both the document in question as well as Teddy Roosevelt himself. You will put both Roosevelt and the specific speech in their relevant historical context. You will also indicate what main point you were able to develop from the historical analysis of the document which you have already conducted in preparing this essay. In presenting this main point be sure to specifically say what it tells us about the Progressive Era in US history.

In the second paragraph, or the body of the essay. You will present the three quotes you’ve selected to analyze from the document. You will present them separately and demonstrate your analytical skills by presenting along with the quote specific historical material (dates, details, terms, persons, concepts and events) that you’ve specifically researched and chosen from our readings and classwork because they are relevant to the quote. You will then use this historical knowledge to explain aspects or issues related to the quote which are not obvious from the quote itself. In presenting the three quotes you will be sure to explain how your analysis of each quote relates to the others and, in particular, explain how all this analysis proves or illustrates your essay’s main point (which you presented in the essay’s introduction).

Finally, in your last, or concluding paragraph you will explain, now that you have proven your main point, what this main point tells us about the subsequent history after the Progressive Era and/or the issues that are still relevant to America today (implications).

Each of the above outlined paragraphs and sections of your essay will be graded according to the rubric scores that relate to them.

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