Research is a key component of the work you do as an instructional designer. Whe

Research is a key component of the work you do as an instructional designer. Whether you are using a peer reviewed article, textbook, website, or other sources, it is important to present a clear understanding of the research you conduct.
This assignment gives you an opportunity to expand your knowledge and summarize your research in a clearly defined manner. To do this you will create an annotated bibliography. An annotated bibliography is a descriptive and critical evaluation of your research sources.
Remember, you never stop researching, even if you are designing. Research needs to be the foundation of the work you do, and done before you put pencil to paper or hit the stroke of a keyboard.
Learning about LMS systems brings with it the need to learn new terms and vocabulary. To assist you in this endeavor, we provide you with a list of terms from which you are to choose five terms to research. Remember, an annotated bibliography both summarizes and assesses the sources you find in EBSCOhost and Google Scholar.
Using the sample annotated bibliography from the Purdue Owl Website as an example to follow, create an annotated bibliography of LMS terms from your library research findings using Microsoft Word. Choose five terms and create an annotated bibliography for each, based on the Purdue Owl APA website: In preparing to summarize these research sources for the annotated bibliography, ask yourself the following questions to help write your annotated bibliography:
What is/are the core idea(s) proposed by the source? How is the core idea introduced? Why?
What topics are presented? Why?
If you had to briefly explain this source to someone, what would you say? Remember to not use first person. Keep the tone academic – write in third person.
The format of your annotated bibliography is important – APA format in this case.
Save your Word document, following this naming structure: LastnameFirstinitial-Bibliography_LMS_Terms.docx. Upload this document to the Completion area below.
Tuesday of Week 3 (this is assigned during Week 2 and due the following week to allow ample time to complete)
List of LMS terms (see below).
Purdue Owl APA Bibliography website:
5 from the list that I would like… one more- I am flexible of which one you want to choose. I choose 4 from the list so far…
SCORM, LCMS, Gamification, Responsive Design,

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