Reminder: * When crafting the answers to these questions, please remember to int

* When crafting the answers to these questions, please remember to integrate and cite the assigned materials. Consider adding support from other sources for your assertions. As you do, remember to both cite and reference all added support.
* Be sure to make direct connections between the assigned materials and your ideas. Include a reference list at the end of your submission.
Writing Notes:
****** Use academic language and a professional tone******
* Do not have any unnecessary sentences. Review and revise. Try to focus on your argument and avoid unneeded sentences.
* Read the instructions carefully.
* Make sure to answer the questions required.
* User APA 7 citation, and cite everything carefully, use intext citation.
* You should use proper grammar and cite any sources in APA 7 format.
* When it comes to article titles in citations, the rule is to capitalize the first word of the title, the first word of the subtitle, and proper nouns. The other words will be lowercase. Also make sure the references are in an alphabetical order.
* For a journal or a newspaper, the source is italicized. For a web page or annual report, the title of the webpage or report is italicized.
* Decide if paraphrasing or direct quotation is needed. Both need a parenthetical. A direct quote also requires quotation marks around it. Paraphrasing should say something different than the original, not just have some words in the same order switched with synonyms.
* To strengthen your response, you could consider providing more insights than a basic summary of the text, follow the instructions by providing resources within the specified range and in a substantial manner.
* Make sure you do not have a lot of scholarly, astute observations in your discussion.
* Make sure you’re not including a reference in your list that you don’t cite in-text.

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