Q2. On July 2, 2019, company A specializing in consulting services and beauty ca

Q2. On July 2, 2019, company A specializing in consulting services and beauty care for women sent a proposal to enter into contract with Nature Joint Stock Company specializing in electronic products, with the following content:
Company A wanted to sign a contract to buy 200 HP laptops from Company Nature at the price of 09 million VND / unit to equip their employees.
– Delivery location was at the headquarters of Company A, Cau Giay District, Hanoi.
– Payment would be right after full delivery.
The response time was 02 weeks from the date Company A had sent the proposal.
– Delivery requirement was on July 28, 2019.
On the morning of July 12, 2019, Nature Joint Stock Company received an offer to enter into a contract from company A and sent a reply within the day, with the content:
– They accepted price and delivery location as suggested by Company A.
– Regarding the quantity of goods, there were only 150 HP laptops in stock, they would deliver the 50 remaining ones within 10 days, after the time when the first 150 laptops were delivered.
On July 14, 2019, Company A received an official letter from Company Nature but did not reply. On July 28, 2019, Company Nature transferred 150 laptops to the headquarter of Company A, but the Director of Company A announced that he had purchased 200 laptops of Huong Hoa company and firmly did not receive goods from company Nature. Company Nature believed that Company A had breached the contract, so they required compensation for damages.
1. Had a contract been formed between company Nature and company A? Why?
2. Was Company A liable to pay damages for company Nature? Explain.
Use the documents I uploaded only. The law applied in this case is Vietnamese Civil Code 2015.

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