Poem The revision for this poem requires first; more message development through

The revision for this poem requires first; more message development through increasing the imagery for the purpose of enabling the readers easier connectivity with the emotions of the persona. For example, in the sentence” I remember the years when the rivers …” adding “…streaming down the mountains would unfurl within my soul”. Second revision is using enjambment to enable increase of tension in the poem which keeps the readers occupied. For example, by adding enjambment in the long lines “…fruits would less my veins, with their juice’s berries”. Third revision is referencing Eliot by providing the details from the poem which resonate the persona. Therefore, as a correction from the poem,” the wasteland of Eliot-the abandoned home, screams back.”. Fourth revision can be corrected by adding to the line breaks. For example; “Oh/ I remember the years/ when Keats’ Autumn would …”.
Short Story
For the revision of this work, first, Aida moves hurriedly behind the door, she finds keys on top of a small table, picks them and hides them under her jacket, pretending to have done nothing wrong lest the uncle notices. Inside the secret room, Aida finds the answers she has been longing to know. She is so astonished and confused not knowing where to begin. Every corner of the room is filled with treasures. She moves slowly but careful to uncover the magic of the full room, and not falling a single item to the ground to distract his uncle.
For the second revision, Aida is served with breakfast on a plate at the dining table by her uncle. The girl is upset as she is not permitted to accompany her sibling who had gone for a tour; therefore, she refuses to eat. However, the uncle insists thus she has to find an excuse by where she collects for a flog on the muddy garden and puts it in the breakfast without the knowledge of the uncle.
For the third revision, Aida have been arguing with her uncle about the breakfast.
Aida: “Uncle, I cannot have the breakfast, it has frogs”. Uncle on the other hand responds “Take your breakfast Aida, there is no frog,”. After checking on the breakfast, uncle realizes that Aida was right and there has been a frog. For the fourth revision, Aida is planning on how to escape from the house where she is locked and go to a secret room. She finds for a way to district her uncle who now thinks that Aida is up to the garden. After sneaking to the secret room, Aida’s uncle gets trapped at a water reservoir. This gives Aida a chance to get into the secret room successfully where she finds out the treasures and curiosities. Words for collection; Circumvent, ignore this word. Reserved replace with restrained. Engorged, replace with planned.

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