Overview of Assignment: Throughout this course we have reviewed several issues r

Overview of Assignment:
Throughout this course we have reviewed several issues related to social welfare. These issues have included social issues related to education, crime and criminal justice, poverty, family problems, racism, sexism and many others.
The final project in this Social Welfare course will require you to examine a specific social issue that social workers experience in the course of their profession. The project will be divided into six specific sections which are explained below. This is a research and writing intensive project. Thus, I encourage you to begin working on the project early in the term.
Section One: Defining the Problem
This section of your paper should be 2-3 pages in length. This section will provide a background of the topic that you select as a major social issue. For example, you may want to examine social problems related to poverty, education, family, crime, immigration etc. This section of the paper will examine the historical development of this problem as it has impacted specific social groups. As you begin to construct this section, consider the basic questions of who, what, when and where? For example:
Who has been affected by the social problem that you have selected?
What has been the response and reactions to this problem from the group that has been most impacted and from other groups?
What precipitating factors led up to this issue as a social problem? In other words, what social conditions were happening in society that may have contributed to the problem?
When did this issue become a major social problem?
Where is this issue most relevant in society? For example, is the problem more concentrated in the southern, northeastern or another section of the United States?
Section Two: Literature Review
This section of your paper should be 2-3 pages in length. This section will provide a review of at least six sources related to your topic. The review should include a combination of books and journal articles on the topic.
The purpose of a literature review is to:
establish a theoretical framework for the social problem
define key terms, definitions and terminology
identify studies, models, case studies etc supporting your topic
define and establish your area of research
The three key points of a literature review
Tell me what the research says (theory).
Tell me how the research was carried out in the studies that you examined (methodology).
Tell me what is missing from the literature. For example, have the studies typically neglected specific segments of the population? How could future research “close the gap” in the literature?
Section Three: Theoretical Framework:
This section of your paper should be 2-3 pages in length. We have examined a number of sociological theories including conflict theory, structural functional theory, symbolic interaction, feminist theory, queer theory and others. However, there are many other theories used to frame an understanding of a particular social issue. Select a theory that you want to apply to the understanding of the issue presented in your paper. Explain how the basic premise and concepts associated with the theory relate to a sociological understanding of the topic. This section of your proposal should be at least one paragraph.
Section Four: Case Study
This section of your paper should be 2-3 pages in length Provide a brief summary on one real life case that is relevant to your topic. The purpose of the case study is to humanize the social issue. Statistics are important for understanding the impact of a social issue on society. However, behind the statistics are real people who are impacted personally by the “large” social issue. The case study helps to understand how real people are impacted at a micro level. For example, if your proposal is on police brutality, you can provide information from an actual case that you locate on line, that tells the story of someone who experienced this problem. What was their story? How did they address the issue? What was the outcome from the victim or their family on their behalf?
Section Five: Policy Review
This part of the paper should be 2-3 pages. This part of the assignment will give you the opportunity to develop competence in (a) researching and analyzing social policy legislation, (b) developing and articulating a position on a given policy, and (c) designing social work advocacy agendas.
You will write about a related piece of legislation based on the general area that you have selected for this final assignment. This part of the assignment should be factual and evidence-based, and should clearly articulate a recommendation or position on the issue. As you write this part of the paper, consider the following:
Selecting a policy:
Provide an overview of the policy that you have selected. What is the history of the policy? For whom was the policy intended?
Establishing goals:
What is the relationship between those goals and the problem that was identified? What government or non-government organizations were involved in making this decision? Which ones were not involved?
Implementing the policy:
What agency or organization implemented the policy? Was the policy implemented according to original design?
Has the agency changed or skewed the policy to reflect its own interests and goals?
In your opinion, could another agency have implemented the policy better?
Evaluating the policy
Did the policy achieve its goals?
Did the policy solve the original problem? Or did the policy solve a different problem than the one originally identified?
What were the economic, political, social or human costs and consequences of the policy?
Did the policy achieve its goals at a reasonable cost?
Overall, was the policy a “success” or a “failure”?
Section Six: Conclusion
This section of the paper should be 2-3 pages. After a comprehensive review of the social issue for your paper, provide your concluding thoughts regarding the current condition of this issue. In addition, provide your recommendations for future policy and social change in this area.
Reference Page
Include a reference page at the end of your document listing at least ten sources.

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