I am applying for a graduate certificate program in Sports Coaching at Michigan

I am applying for a graduate certificate program in Sports Coaching at Michigan State. Part of the applciaiton is a written academic statement. I have grown up playing sports my entire life playing soccer, basketball, and baseball. Sports have shaped me into who I am tody and I have taken many valueable lessons from them. I have also enjoyed strength and conditioning training as well. I really want to get into this program, but am not really sure how to write a good academic statement. I would love to get into coaching one day, whether it can become a full time gigfor me or something I do on the side, I want to give back to the sports world as I feel I have many valueable lessons to give back. My main sports of expertise are soccer and baseball. I also have very significant experience in sales, which would be a great balance to do coaching on the side to make money until I am able to work my way up the ladder in coaching.
Extra facts about me:
1. Captain of all 3 of my sports teams in highschool
2. VP of mens club soccer team at MSU
3. Deans list all 4 years of college
Here is the link to the program for research into the course: https://education.msu.edu/kin/scl/graduate-certificate/#who
Written academic statement clearly stating your professional goals and how you anticipate this program would help you to attain them. Your statement should be very close to 750 words. An ideal statement shows research into our course offerings and also shows your deliberation and planning on what you hope to achieve in this degree program. It will also be used to help assign you to an academic advisor that best matches with your interests.

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