Hey, I would like you to read and then write a personal response to the poem “H

Hey, I would like you to read and then write a personal response to the poem “Hamlet” by Shakspshere. This is my topic, “What do these texts suggest to you about the role that
courage plays in an individual’s response to taking a risk or making a
sacrifice? “. I would like you to use some quotes from the poem as evidence/support. Also, it is important that you support your ideas with one or more of these texts that I will present, and connect them with your own knowledge, experience, ideas, or impressions.
The Texts Presented:
1.) The “To be or not to be speech” where Hamlet contemplates his inability to act.
2.) “These Men, So Powerful” by Stanislaw Baranczak. I will copy and paste it below.
These men, so powerful,
always shown
a little from below by
crouching cameramen, lifting
a heavy foot to crush me, no,
mount the aircraft steps,
lifting their hands
at me, no, in order to greet
obediently waving flags,
those signing
my death warrant, no, only a
agreement dried immediately
with an obliging
those so brave, with such
uplifted brows
standing in open cars, so
manfully inspecting the front
of harvest work, as though
when stepping into a furrow
they entered a trench,
those with a hard fist,
capable of thumping lecterns
and patting shoulders
of men bent in salute, just
with medals to black suits,
you feared them so,
you were so tiny
compared to them, always
standing above
you, on stairs, rostrums,
but surely it’s enough to
stop being
afraid for at least one
moment, let’s say:
start being afraid a little
so that you realize
it is they who are most

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