Hello I attached an example and all the case study and posted that In have befor

Hello I attached an example and all the case study and posted that In have before.
Here is the actual instructions for the project:
Benchmark Five: Peer Review of the final draft of course project
Overview: Submit a draft of your final course project (in form of power point presentation) based on the information that you identified in previous benchmarks to the discussion board to be reviewed by your fellow classmates. Please include your case study along with the questions and their answers in your drafts. You will review others’ work and provide feedback. Use the critical element information listed below for your evaluations. The purpose of this peer review in this course is not only to help your classmate to improve his or her project, but to strengthen your own critical-thinking abilities by providing constructive reviews of others’ work. The basis of your response is evaluated for the critical elements described below and in the grading rubric. Remember, this rubric assesses your performance in this activity, not the material of your peers.
Specifically, the following critical elements must be addressed:
1. Strengths: Provide feedback on the strengths of the peer’s project, explaining your reasoning using specific and relevant details.
2. Improvements: Provide feedback on aspects of the peer’s project that could be improved, using a positive tone and providing concrete suggestions.
3. Responses to classmate project: Respond to questions or comments from your peers on your review of their work.
4. Responses to own project: Respond to the reviews of your own project, asking for clarification and/or answering questions and specifically addressing comments.
As a reviewer:
1. Take the time to review the project thoroughly. Refer to the final course project guidelines document to confirm whether or not your classmate has addressed the requirements of the assignment.
2. You are critiquing the work, not the person. The critique should start with the strengths of the work. What was good and why?
Example of a good critique: “The project captured my attention with the use of colors fonts and images used. The diagrams were clear and well-labeled.”
Example of a bad critique: “I liked Jimmy’s style.”
3. Suggest any areas for revision to improve these areas. Keep the tone positive and provide concrete suggestions for improvement. Example of a good critique: “For improvement, I suggest increasing the font size and incorporating more spacing between paragraphs.” Example of a bad critique: “The format needs fixing. It was so confusing I did not understand anything about the organ system.”
As the author:
1. Read your classmates’ comments carefully, avoiding any desire to defend your work. What does each reviewer like about your work, and what does each reviewer think you should revise?
2. Pay particular attention to points where several of your reviewers agree with one another. What strengths or weaknesses do your reviewers see that you might have missed, and how might you revise your work to emphasize on your strengths?
3. If you are unclear what a particular reviewer means, ask him or her to clarify. For example, “Sally, can you be more specific in describing what confused you about the points I made on homeostatic interactions?”
4. If you have any questions after reading a classmate’s comments, feel free to ask your peers for a second opinion, but do not do so in a defensive manner. You might ask, “Do you feel the sources were appropriate? Because of the weaknesses Pat noticed, I am concerned whether the supporting details I provided were too general. How could the details be more specific?”
5. Thank your classmates for their feedback, and address any questions that they may have asked of your work. You must thank your classmates by Sunday midnight.
6. Remember, it is your work. Your peers may have approached the same topic differently; however, do not just dismiss suggestions out of hand, especially if multiple reviewers point to similar problems. Example: Several reviewers suggest that your information was not supported by any references.
Guidelines for Submission: Provide an organized list of comments for each of your reviews, addressing the critical elements for the projects for at least two of your classmates. Select projects that do not yet have a review or have the fewest reviews. Reply to at least two different classmates addressing any comments or questions your peers may pose to you on your own work.

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