For this Discussion Post, we’ll be doing a reflective essay on the current state

For this Discussion Post, we’ll be doing a reflective essay on the current state of your research. Then, you’ll respond to three other people’s posts.
Here’s what to do:
Write a post that explains what you are working on. This should be the following:
Explain your topic idea and the problem you have identified.
Describe the two sides (or more) of the argument that you’ve been studying and the major conflict or issue that divides them.
Summarize the current research you’re studying and where you want it to go. What do you hope to find or to accomplish with this research? What new sources do you still want to find that you haven’t yet?
Explain your idea for a solution to this problem and why you think this would fix it.
Identify any issues that will be a challenge to your solution. What are the complications with your solution?
Ask two questions of the other students. What do you most want feedback on? Ask questions about that. You can also ask if you’ve explained yourself well, if other students see any problems you should deal with, or if they have any suggestions for you.
You are welcome to add other points or things that you are interested in here too. Add whatever else is useful for you as you think about your idea.
Put up a post of at least 300 words by Thursday. By Saturday, respond to at least three other students (~200 words per response). Make sure to add your initial thoughts about their post and then to answer the questions that they’ve written.
Be kind, be helpful, and be considerate.

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