Download the attached Word doc Performing an Audience Analysis onto your compute

Download the attached Word doc Performing an Audience Analysis onto your computer.
Using the attached document, construct an analysis of your audience for WA 2. (Remember: the primary audience for this assignment should be your supervisor plus the new hire; secondary audience might be other significant members of the workplace). Use the prompts in each category to help provide an in-depth analysis. Your responses to each category should not be a sentence or a few words or you will receive a failing grade.
The second page Assessment Rubric are the criteria I will be using to judge your analysis. Once you are finished, you should rename the file Last Name, HW 2 Audience Analysis and upload into the portal.
I have also posted a sample Audience Analysis from this class that we will cover in class. This should not be copied or paraphrased. If , here are strong similarities between your submission and the example, your assignment will receive a 0. It gives you an idea how you can complete an audience analysis through description pertaining specifically to the situation. Each category might not be as developed as this one but you should strive to write more than a sentence or two for each category.
i dint need an essay, i need an audience analysis. i provided all the files you need, also the topic you have to analyze is under memo in the files.

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