A consultant was hired to help reduce the high turnover rate for Tellers at ABC

A consultant was hired to help reduce the high turnover rate for Tellers at ABC Bank. The consultant presented her findings and recommendations to a panel of key ABC Bank personnel who will decide what to do. A key recommendation was to implement a new Teller hiring process (consisting of a ‘basic math skills’ test and new structured interview). After hearing the consultant’s recommendations, the panel had the following comments:
· Vice President of Bank Operations: ‘Our turnover problem isn’t so bad that we need a totally new hiring process. The managers are already pretty good at interviewing Teller candidates; I don’t think we need a new interview.’
· Vice President of Legal Department: ‘Don’t minority candidates have trouble with tests? Did you talk with our attorneys about this? We don’t need any hiring lawsuits from candidates.’
· Manager of Human Resources: ‘I know we need a new hiring process. For years I’ve been saying we needed a new one but we just never got around to doing it.’
· Manager of Teller Operations: ‘You’re a consultant, not a Teller. You’ve never been a Teller so how are you going to develop an interview for a job that you haven’t done?’
· Vice President of Finance: ‘In addition to the test and interview, I’d like you to do some analysis and make a recommendation about whether we need an Assessment Center for hiring tellers. I went through an 8-hour Assessment Center for my current position and think Tellers should do the same thing.’
· Manager of Teller Operations: ‘What do other banks do? Are they using tests and structured interviews too?’
What forms of resistance (Block pp. 130-138) were demonstrated by the panel? Were any of the panels’ responses a legitimate reaction and not a form of resistance?

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