Written Assignment: Conduct a BioPsychoSocial Report Conduct a BioPsychoSocial

Written Assignment: Conduct a BioPsychoSocial Report
Conduct a BioPsychoSocial Assessment on an older friend or family member within their home. In the written report, be as concise as possible as there is a lot of information to cover. The final written submission should be in paragraph format.
The report must include:
Demographics: First name & last name INITIAL ONLY; Neighborhood of home (do NOT give me their actual address); Age; Marital status; Number of family members; Children & grandchildren; Parents (living or deceased); Siblings (living or deceased); Employment status, Military status & Highest education obtained.
Physical health/limitations: Any medical diagnoses; Name of Primary Care Doctor; Do they understand their medical issues; Prescriptions; Over The Counter Medications; Any additional medical professionals in their care?
Include evaluation levels of their ADLs:
Evaluation levels: 1=Independent; 2=Needs Assistance; 3= Unable.
Sensory limitations: Any present?
Abuse / Neglect: Any signs?
Psychological functioning: History of Therapy? Was it successful? Any past / current Psych prescriptions? Emotional Well Being: Any signs of Anxiety, Depression, or Suicidal Ideation?
Personality: What’s the biggest stressor in life? Greatest accomplishments? Greatest joys?
Intelligence: How do they stay mentally active?
Memory: Is the client aware or concerned about memory loss? Do they accept it as a part of aging?
Social Functioning: Any friends? What are the weekly activities attended? Any interest in expanding their activities?
Lifestyle: Ask about a typical day … anytime that’s difficult or lonely?

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