Writing Assignment Writing Assignment: Education You are to research a differen

Writing Assignment
Writing Assignment: Education
You are to research a different country’s educational system, other than the United States. You can focus on the country’s general education and/or college/university systems. Determine what is working and what is not. Also, based on your research, what are the policies, if any, you would like to see implemented here in the United States.
Topics/issues you should address are:
How is the system structured?
How is the system funded? What are the costs to parents/students?
What are the criteria, if any, to attend school(s)?
How do they structure the day? Curriculum? Social rules/behaviors?
What is allowed/accepted in terms of behavior and what is done when students do not conform to these rules?
What is the success/failure rate and how is that determined?
You need to use at least five resources. Include a reference cited page, that page does not count toward the four-page minimum. Your sources need to be academic, peer-reviewed articles or books. Assignment should be typed, approximately four pages, double-spaced, with appropriate fonts (11-12 point) and margins (1 inch).
Grading Criteria for Writing Assignments: This is a university-level undergraduate course and your writing will be evaluated at this level. In addition to adhering to the proper format, style, grammar, and spelling count. Make sure you proofread your work.
Plagiarism: The internet makes it easy to access vast amounts of information quickly. It also makes it easy to plagiarize that information, both accidentally and intentionally. Just to remind you, plagiarism is the presentation of someone else’s ideas or work as one’s own. An obvious form of plagiarism is intentionally stealing someone else’s words. Using another person’s sentence, phrase, or even a word that a person coined requires students to acknowledge the source of the sentence, phrase, or coined word. To acknowledge the source, students can either use quotation marks or paraphrase the author. In both cases, students must cite the source of the information properly.

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