Write 4 pages (1000-1250 words) using APA style (for APA help: Owl Purdue (Links

Write 4 pages (1000-1250 words) using APA style (for APA help: Owl Purdue (Links to an external site.), milewis@lynn.edu, and Lynn’s Library Website (Links to an external site.)). Do academic research, which necessarily involves utilizing course readings and library resources. The paper must at least have 4 academic sources (1 library databases or encyclopedias, 1 mythological iBook reading, and 2 journal articles) cited and quoted. After that minimum research requirement, student may freely use additional academic or online references. Papers must be submitted to Canvas as a Microsoft Word document.
Instructor’s Help:
I am interested in your topic and the idea that it interests you. Allow me to explore and learn with you, which can only happen in dialogue. This style of teaching and learning acknowledges the value of co-learning and professional partnerships. Your paper topic is based upon your choice. As a wise person once said, “communication is key.” Whatever you need help on, it is my job to provide it.
Step 2: Pick a global issue from society, such as ideology, art, sexuality, politics, war, A.I., economy, history, race-relations, religion, spirituality, etc., or a global issue arising from your major. Write 1 page of definitions, background information, or issues/variables about the topic you have selected. Use academic sources.
Step 3: Select one mythological origins story in the iBook (Chapters 2-7) and one VIDEO MYTH Download VIDEO MYTH Download VIDEO MYTHthat you are interested in. In 1 page, compare (a type of evaluation, not summary) the ethical or knowledge claims of these mythical stories(DBR 200.1). Then in 2 pages, make a position about how the mythological stories apply to, or comment upon, your chosen issue from step 2 (DBR 200.2)..
Step 4: Provide an introduction and conclusion.
Step 5: Submit your materials (outline and paper) to canvas via Word documents. Look at your turn it in report and communicate problems/concerns with me. Note: *If you cannot submit both the outline and paper at the same time to canvas, submit one and then resubmit the other. I will get them both.
LINK TO IBOOK (It will eventually load)

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