Viruses: Characteristics of l

Characteristics of life:
Q1. Are viruses alive? This should be based on your understanding of the characteristics of viruses and the accepted characteristics of life. In the form of a paragraph provide at least two lines of evidence to support your answer to the question.
Please watch this video, a crash course in biological molecules:
Pick a type of food that you enjoy.
Q2. Before you start researching, state a hypothesis about the nutritional content of this food. Remember a hypothesis is an educated guess (and may be wrong), and a good hypothesis is specific.
Q3. Then summarize what you learned from your research.
Q4. Include an image of at least one molecule found in this food and briefly describe that molecule in terms of the atoms it is made of and potentially the chemical bonds that keep the atoms together.
Q5. Is this a beneficial molecule to consume? Explain why.
Q6. Did your research support your hypothesis?

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