This is a Project Proposal. It must include the following: (Introduction/Backgro

This is a Project Proposal. It
must include the following:
(Introduction/Background: Describe the
clinical problem. Incorporate supporting data such as internal and external
statistics, various information from organizations, etc. You must identify and
explain the gap within your specific setting. (10 points)
Review of Literature: Synthesize the
literature while still providing a thorough representation of the population,
intervention(s), and relevant results. (10 points) You may need to obtain
additional literature to support your proposed intervention.
Project Question: This is
the newly developed question resulting from the PICO(T) and literature from
N6323 Evidence Appraisal. (5 points)
Project Objectives: Identify
the objectives as they correspond to your project question and proposed
project. There should be no more than 1 to 2 objectives. (5 points) Points will be
deducted for unrealistic, unmeasurable, overly broad or ambitious objectives.
Project Design: Identify and
describe your project design. (5 points)
Points will be deducted for project designs resembling or stating research. No
quantitative or qualitative designs (e.g., quasi-experimental, correlational,
Thoroughly describe the setting. Do not identify the specific entity. No formal
names of hospitals or clinics. The population should include the sampling plan
and the inclusion and exclusion criteria. (5 points)

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