This assignment is focused on your personal goals and ambitions for the future.

This assignment is focused on your personal goals and ambitions for the future. It is your instructor’s hope that you will use it as a road map and review it well after finishing this class/semester. Answer each question listed below. Make sure to upload your completed assignment as a PowerPoint or Google Slides Presentation. No credit will be given to questions that are not answered completely.
What are your future career goals? Explain the degree, license and any certifications you will need to obtain to reach this goal. (If you are unsure, pick a field you have some interest in) (Make sure to research information you do not know in detail)
Why did you choose this field? What motivates you about this career path? (4 sentence minimum)
Do you currently know anyone in this field of work? Do you have a mentor? Why is it crucial to find a mentor and how would you go about finding one if you have not done so already? (4 sentence minimum)
Do you have any experience in this field? What kind of internship or work could you find currently to begin gaining experience? If you do currently work in the field, how can you make yourself more marketable? (4 sentence minimum)
Research 3 interview questions that are specific to your career goal. Write a detailed response for each question.
Research the annual salary range for beginning in this career. What is the job outlook for the next 10 years? Where is this career in the highest demand? Are you willing to relocate? (4 sentence minimum)
Research and describe the average schedule for someone in this field of work. Does this surprise you? What sacrifices/changes will you have to make because of this schedule? (4 sentence minimum)
Research and list the common stressors in this field. How will you cope? What can you do to prepare yourself? What strategies can you use to reduce stress? (4 sentence minimum)
After answering the past questions, has your motivation to enter this field wavered? What information were you not aware of? What student resources can you take advantage of at BMCC college to help achieve your goals? (4 sentence minimum)
Hello, Please Write your own observation as my homework looks good. I attached a paper about me and the rest of the information you can put from your own life or whichever you like. Thank you so much.

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