This assignment is based on an observational walk in a New York City neighborhoo

This assignment is based on an observational walk in a New York City neighborhood of your choice, as defined by the New York City Department of City Planning. This will be the neighborhood you will use for all of your assignments and that you will ultimately profile for your final assignment (If you do not live in New York City and are not able to profile a New York City neighborhood please contact me to discuss).
Your assignment is to do a walking tour of your chosen neighborhood and produce a 1-2 page written description describing your observations.
Include the day, time and exact streets you walked for this assignment. Make observations about the built environment by noting building types (e.g., housing – single- or multi-family? – businesses, public buildings) and physical conditions as well as roads, sidewalks, public spaces (e.g., parks, playgrounds), and nature (e.g., trees, landscaping). Make notations about your observations of commercial activity, neighborhood residents/visitors/users, and social interactions. Your report should give readers a sense of the area (condition/use of the built environment, streetscapes, ethnic signage and business types), people and economic and social activities and/or exchanges. You are encouraged to include photographs and/or audio or video recordings. It has to be about BAYSIDE, NEW YORK QUEENS.

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